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The Fda recognises breathing practices to lower and regulate hypertension

“Breathing and controlling your breath is one of the easiest ways to improve mental and physical health” Wall Street Journal

Simple to use

Breath taking


  • Help lower any stress-
    related Hypertension

  • Calm the mind quickly and efficiently

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Help you sleep better

  • Guide your breath during your home Yoga practice.

  • Allow you think more clearly

  • Store and graph your BP results once you've recorded them.

Will Not

  • Compromise, harm or affect any current Blood Pressure medications you may be on.

  • Cause harm or have adverse effects to people with Low Blood Pressure

  • Measure your Blood Pressure. BT app is not a device for measuring, only recording. You'll need your own device to measure, then enter your results via "Record BP".We’ll graph those results for you and your doctor to monitor.

  • Share your private information with anyone. You have the choice of sharing with others including your doctor.

“…its design is wonderful - super cool and simple and easy to use”.
Barbara Kuh - Founding designer of “Wired” Magazine

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People currently breathing


“....yogic breathing as an exciting new research field that can potentially impact a wide array of diseases, including cancer, hypertension, lupus, autism, pain management and cardiovascular diseases” Medical University of South Carolina


Robin Koster Carlyon. Transition Farm, Australia

“As a market gardener, my greatest tool is active perception.
Being able to perceive minute changes in plants and the ecosystem in which they are growing allows me to understand the variety of influences which effect the health of the crops.
The conscious breathing techniques I have learned through Breath Taking have greatly enhanced this ability.
They help me to step out of a reactive state which limits perceptions to a very open, alert calmness – I feel a part of the system and able to sense it with deeper clarity.”

Marie Rosier. Rosier Outlook. Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Australia

“I started to relax as soon as I heard Baxter’s hypnotic voice say “relax your shoulders”. I felt myself becoming so beautifully present within myself while also being guided into a smooth and easy rhythmic breathing pattern that enabled me to relax deeply very quickly. Just a few minutes of this, left me with an overall sense of calm and relaxation. I would definitely recommend this to some of my clients (who have conditions for which helping reduce internal stress through relaxation would be of benefit), especially to help them go to sleep more peacefully and sleep more soundly in the face of the challenges they are facing.”

Innkeeper at Casa Gallina / tango dancer, USA

“I feel reconnected with my body. I feel peaceful. I feel a fullness and grace in my breath even now, ten minutes after stopping the practice. Powerful!”

Sonja, Physiotherapist and Yoga Therapist, Australia Yoga Plus Physio

I have had high blood pressure since I was 32. I am now 57. It runs in my family and was triggered by a period of immense stress. These days I have less stress, but I still have high blood pressure. I am amazed at how my systolic pressure came down by 15 mg after doing the practice only three times! I am really looking forward to having this app to use regularly and being able to reduce by blood pressure medications. I’m sure my doctor will be impressed!


“Immediate tension released from face, belly, muscles. mentally feel more relaxed.”

Andrea J. Walker Nourish Strength USA

Love how relaxed I feel after!! Wonderful resource!