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Your nose is like your breath organ. It's main function is to purify, moisten and warm the air before entering your lungs.And breathing out through your nose helps to regulate the flow - especially helpful for conscious breathing practices like these.There doesn’t seem much of a difference between the 6 sec and 9 sec breath lengths… The difference is in the exhalation length. The 6s breath has a two sec exhale, the 8s breath a three sec exhale, and the 9s breath a four sec exhale.

Although the intention for this particular Blood pressure breath is not about HOW long you can breathe for, it’s about maintaining a CONSISTENT, smooth and conscious breath, we’re currently working on recording longer breath length options to avoid raising anyone's Blood Pressure.

My results

You can go into “History” and delete any entry you like, but you cannot change the actual result of an entry. We suggest that if you hit the wrong number and hit “save”, that you return to the blood pressure or heart rate page and go into the history to delete straight away. That way you can re-enter the correct data. You’ll find “History” option on the top right of any Blood Pressure or Heart Rate screen .

The graphs will only show one entry PER DAY. If you record two or more, it will take the average. This is to avoid over-crowding on the stats page as we can only fit 7 entries on one graph to correspond with one week. If you’d like to access your stats beyond one week, you’ll need to upgrade (on the istore version)

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